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DROP Structures are believes in art and function in one complete package. All DROP Structures are built to completion in their Lethbridge, Alberta factory before being shipping across North America. A perfect marriage of function and simplicity some models require nothing more than an extension cord to power. Designed to sit on either slab on grade, helical screw piles or sono tubes.

All DROP Structures are spray foam insulated, and designed to thrive in Canada's harsh winter conditions. Designed with you in mind, each DROP Structure offers a variety of upgrade options to increase light, views and space. Contact Backyard Canada for assistance in planning your DROP Structure installation in the Calgary and surrounding regions. 

Are You Planning For DROP Structure Installation?

Want to spend quality time outdoors without leaving your important office work? Get DROP Structure installed on your outdoor premises. Relish the sunshine, feel the breeze, and gaze at nature without relinquishing your luxurious abode. Backyard Canada offers an incredible variety of DROP structures that can be used as a comfy cabin while camping, vacationing, or simply spending time outdoors with your friends, family, or work. 

Each DROP structure features brilliant design, aesthetics, and intricate details. The versatility of DROP structures from Backyard Canada renders them versatile for different uses. Revel in the extended and more usable space with DROP structures. With environmentally-friendly Holo Off-Grid, go off-grid and relish the peace in the free ambits of nature. What can be better than a calm, noiseless retreat without abandoning your comforts? The Holo Off-Grid DROP structure comes with solar power solutions that offer charging facilities and light up low-energy bulbs. 

Gift yourself a new eco-friendly comfort zone from Backyard Canada. 

Types of Drop Structures

Backyard Canada offers five types of DROP Structures models, The MICRO, the MONO MINI, the MONO, the HOLO, and the DUO. The MONO is an elegant and simple space created for you to encourage the realization and accomplishment of your dreams. This cabin is designed to optimize a professional space with a vaulted ceiling, a long, linear floor plan, and huge, glazed openings. The MONO MINI efficiently acts as a studio, office, playroom, guest suite, and other such spaces you need for surviving Canadian winters and summers with luxury. The DUO DROP Structures boast a beautiful design that includes a space for a bathroom and kitchen. The HOLO allows you to enjoy freedom on your adventure with your friends and family. 

Benefits of Drop Structures

If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle, then DROP Structures are meant for you. If you’ve got a business that requires a garage for keeping stuff, you can opt for large DROP Structure cabins. To create a small, comfy, and luxurious office space in these times where stay-at-home work is highly endorsed, the DROP structure offers the perfect solution. If you don&rsqu