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Starlight Series










93 x 93 x 37

The Starlight Hot Tub has your family’s fun and relaxation in mind. Designed as our best priced tub. 




Payments as low as 

with $2,000 down.



The Starlight is available at an unprecendented price 


A Starlight Hot Tub has your family’s fun and relaxation in mind. Our goal is to give you satisfaction in knowing you have purchased the best spa of it’s kind. Each detail is placed for your ultimate comfort and hydrotherapy. We value quality and integrity in making us stand tall amongst our competitors. 

  • Hydrotherapy: 50 hydrotherapy jets, multiple zone air controls

  • Single 50/sf Filtration

  • Water Treatment: Ozone water purification system

  • Lighting: Perimeter surface lighting, 3.5” LED inthe footwell area

  • Water Feature

  • Insulation: Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) insulation

  • Beverage Holders

  • Cabinet: Insulated DuraTech

  • Spa Control: Soft Touch control pad for spa operation

  • Pillow: Waterproof comfort headrest lounge pillows (3)

  • Diverters: 1 diverter valve for adjustable therapy


Build Details 

Please note that the Starlight series is built differently than the rest of the Clearwater lineup in order to achieve this incredible price point. In essence this hot tub is built like the hot tubs found in the balance of the hot tub industry. So there is no circulation pump, instead circulation is handled by the 2 speed 5 hp pump, by cycling on at intervals to circulate the water. There are no pillar supports, instead the hot tub is supported by the perimeter frame, as is standard in the industry.  With these cost reductions, this spa is our leader in value, while not compromising on overall quality and longevity of the tub. Make not mistake, this hot tub is equal to most of the tubs you'll find with our competition, but at the best value we've seen in the market. Contact us to discuss further.  


  • Seats: 7 people

  • Dimensions: 93" x 93" x 37" (236 x 236 x 94 cm)

  • Electrical Requirements: 240 volt / 50-amp GFCI

  • Pumps: 1 – 5.0 hp hyrdotherapy / 1 – speed pump 

  • 1 – 5.0 hp hyrdotherapy / 2 – speed pump

  • Water Capacity: 480 gallons (1817 liters)

  • Weight Dry: 900 lbs. (408 kg)

  • Filled Weight: 4905 lbs. (2225 kg)

  • Designed & Made: U.S.A., Woodinville (Seattle), Washington

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