Choose the residential pizza oven that best suits your personal needs. Your outdoor cooking experience will be full of flavour every day. Enjoy grilling, baking and stewing delicious meals and test yourself with Alfa Forni's yummy recipes. These pizza ovens are characterized by a careful design, high quality materials and attention to details. Alfa's designs are suitable for both rustic and modern design homes, for use indoors, in the garden or on the terrace. Alfa transforms the traditional way of cooking into an object of design. Discover the full range of wood-fired ovens of Alfa Forni.

Taking cues from a rich history of craftsmanship and tradition, Alfa Forni's design team redefined the concept of luxury wood fired ovens. Applying new techniques and shapes they have developed trademarked products with a unique design for your homes exterior environment. The high quality material guarantees the best and the most efficient performances in wood fired ovens.


By tradition, the wood oven has always been the best device for cooking pizza and bread. The high temperatures as well as the refractory floor make it perfect for Italian dishes. These same qualities also make other kinds of cooking not only possible but even preferable. Try grilling meat, fish and vegetables. Learn how to use the flame and temperatures for different levels of cooking and dishes. Taste the uniqueness of aroma of wood. Alfa Forni's oven is your perfect cooking machine, what will you make next time?