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Water Quality

It's in the name! Clearwater is the very best at water treatment. Combined Ozone and UVC treatment is included with most models, to ensure your chemical use is minimized and your water quality is maximized.  With a dedicated circulation pump, your water is always being filtered and treated, while saving energy.


Upgrade to the pinnacle of hot tub water treatment with CLEAR, and combined ozone, UVC, Copper and Silvery Ionization and Magnetism. This propriety system is only available from Clearwater, and there is simply nothing better available.  Shop now!

Hot tub
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Our molds are handcrafted and perfected by our engineers. Every inch of your Clearwater Spa has special touches taking every element into account. Clearwater is always testing new ideas and perfecting their spas.

handcrafted quality

Hand Crafted Comfort

Every hot tub has been design by experts that have been building, designing and enjoying hot tubs for decades. Choose from loungers or vertical loungers that include leg jets. Clearwater offers a hot tub for every family, that will be enjoyed by everyone. 

Double Insulated Cabinet

With the Canadian double insulation upgrade included with every hot tub, not only do you get double insulation on the floor of the cabinet, you also receive it on the sides. Our custom molded, fully insulated Durafloor is silicone sealed and screw bonded to our cabinet. This foundation lifts the spa off the ground, insulating and protecting the structure from moisture, bugs and other negative influences. It's so good it includes a 20 year warranty.

double insulated
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20 years warranty

Spa Shell & EcoSpray

Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound hot tub without the use of destructive agents found in fibreglass resin, which is proven to eat the ozone layer. Clearwater's durable layered system of ABS backed acrylic, combined with environmentally friendly EcoSpray and steel mesh in high traffic areas, makes one the of the strongest spa shells in the industry. Clearwater and Backyard Canada are committed to protecting the health of our planet while producing a spa so robust we can offer a 20 year warranty! 

max water flow

Systematic Plumbing

Clearwater's plumbing is engineered for the ultimate spa experience. Using sweeping curves instead of hard 90° angles creates water flow with minimum drag and almost no back pressure, creating stronger flow at each jet, and more hydrotherapy for you. 

Pillar Support System

Clearwater Spas uses an exclusive PVC pillar support system that never rots, molds rusts or otherwise breaks down, like other manufacturers that use wood or steel frames.  Clearwater's PVC pillars eliminate thermal bridging that reduces the energy efficiency of your tub, by providing a path for the cold to enter. The pillars are filled with high-density foam to provide an insulated support system that sits atop a double insulated ABS floor. It's built so well, Clearwater includes an industry leading 20 year warranty! 

pillar support system

ABS Base Durafloor

Clearwater Spas sealed ABS Durafloor is the perfect foundation for your spa. Integrated into the spa's structure, and customized to each model, the Durafloor keeps the components out of harms way. Clearwater's RTB insulation contains borates which are undesirable to insects and rodents. The base is silicone sealed and screw bonded to the cabinet. Each base is custom build for the model, and includes pillar support integration and elevated mounts for each pump, reducing noise and vibration, to improve your spa experience.

abs base durafloor

Quality in Every Component

Clearwater prides itself on building the very best hot tubs in the industry. Every component is intentionally designed without compromise. The result is the very best spa money can buy. So don't pay for your spas marketing, pay for the quality of its components, and you will own a hot tub that will last you a lifetime!

Integrated Perfection

In this cutaway you can see the quality first hand. The white pillars support the tub, and are integrated into the RTB insulated ABS base. The pump is mounted on a custom floor mount. Swooping plumbing increases water flow. Shut offs make maintenance easy. LED jet lights activate the hot tub experience! Clearwater Spas are built different, they're built better!

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Our team will assist with preparation, delivery and installation of your hot tub, sauna or backyard office.

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We will beat any local retailer's price on our most comparable hot tub.




Locally based with no retail overhead, we offer incredible service and the best prices.

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90 DAY


If you don't love you hot tub, return it with 90 days.

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A technology free zone, connect with family, friends and loved ones without distraction. 

Stressed Woman


The soothing effect of the warm water and massaging action may help relieve physical, emotional, and mental stress.

Running Couple


A 2016 study, participants soaked in a hot bath for an hour and burned about the same number of calories as a 30-minute walk.

Back Massage


Let the jets massage your muscles while the warm water relaxes them. Relieve some types of pain by relaxing tense muscles, joints, and tendons.

Woman Sleeping


Studies have shown that warm water therapy before bed helps with deeper and more restful sleep.

Doctor's Appointment


A 2016 study showed hot water immersion may have "robust" effects on vascular function and blood pressure.

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