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Great for Cabins, Glamping, Airbnbs, and Backyards!

Why Bunkies?

Bunkies are an amazing way to expand the capacity of your home or cabin, while taking advantage of the views. These cozy glamping style accommodation options will add to the ambiance of your landscape while providing a practical option for you and your guests. 

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Perfect for...

Accomodation, Office, Retreat

  • Glamping resorts looking for that authentic Canadian touch.

  • Airbnb hosts wanting to offer a unique stay.

  • Lakeside cabins seeking a cozy addition.

  • Anyone dreaming of a tranquil backyard office.

Highest Quality Materials

Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

Authentic Canadian Cedar: Dive into the rustic charm of our Bunkies, made from the finest red cedar. Not only do they look stunning, but they also stand the test of time.

Affordable Luxury: With prices ranging from $10,000 to $25,000, we offer a slice of luxury that won't break the bank.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Canadian Cedar Bunkies

Bunkie Lifespan & Customization:

1. How long does a Canadian cedar Bunkie last?  
   Crafted with precision, our Bunkies boast an impressive lifespan of up to 30 years.
2. Is there a warranty on your Canadian-made Bunkies?  
   Absolutely! We're proud to offer a 5-year warranty on our premium cedar Bunkies.
3. Can I customize my cedar Bunkie?  
   Yes! Personalize your space with options like built-in furniture, additional windows, and modern appliances.


Bunkie Delivery in Canada:

1. What's the delivery time for a Bunkie in Canada?  
   While times vary with seasonal demand, we strive to get your Bunkie to you as swiftly as possible.
2. What are the shipping costs within Canada?  
   We offer a flat shipping rate of $400 across the beautiful expanse of Canada.
3. Can I pick up my Bunkie in Calgary?  
   Certainly! Collect your Bunkie directly from our Calgary store and meet our friendly team.

Bunkie Installation Guide:

1. How long is the Bunkie installation process?  
   With 2 people, you can set up your Bunkie within 1-2 days, depending on the model.
2. How should I prepare my site for a Bunkie installation?  
   A solid, level base is key. We recommend road crush with a 4x4 frame. Need help? Reach out for our expert advice.
3. Do you offer Bunkie installation services in Canada?  
   Yes, we provide professional installation at an added cost. Contact us for a quote!

Maintaining Your Bunkie:

1. How do I care for my Bunkie's exterior?  
   Aluminum Bunkies are maintenance-free. For cedar ones, sealing the wood can enhance its longevity and aesthetics.
2. Any tips for cleaning my Canadian cedar Bunkie?  
   A simple hose down works wonders. And remember, tighten those barrels 4-8 weeks post-installation.

Using Your Bunkie:

1. Where can I set up my Bunkie in Canada?  
   Our Bunkies are versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. They often don't require permits, but always double-check with local by-laws.
2. Is the Bunkie suitable for year-round use in Canada?  
   Models like the Hudson are winter-ready, while others are best for 3-season enjoyment.


Bunkie Purchase & Returns

1. What's the return policy for custom Bunkies?  
   Given their custom nature, Bunkies are non-returnable. We ensure each is crafted to perfection for our clients.

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